Maximumcatch 2-8WT Super Light Waterproof Fly Fishing Reel

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Maximumcatch 2-8WT Waterproof Fly Fishing Reel CNC Machine Cut with Reel Bag 

1. CNC machine cut fly reel
2. Made of finest grade T6061 aluminium bar
3. balck color
4. Used with #7, #8 fly fishing lines
5. waterproof fly reel but you need to wash it after you used it in saltwater
This waterproof LD fly reel is developed as an upgraded version of our popular fly reel
MC, which has been popular in the market for many years. Although this reel is not with
a sealed drag system, we added a waterproof rubber ring on the housing, so when the
spool fit on the reel house, the water can not get in, So the bearing will be protected
inside. This will tremendously increase the usage of the reel.