Back at it..

Well… It looks like I am going to take another crack at the blog..  A good friend and I were talking on a recent backpacking trip (those posts are already written, just need to finalize and hit print), that it seems like hipsters and the masses are done with blogs, so the rest of us can get back to it.

This time it is going to be different.  This blog has been around, really, since 1999 when I was a junior in college.  Since then, it has gone through MANY different services, skins, designs and anything else you can imagine.  Back when blogs were first becoming “cool”, we used them as a journal and wrote everything we did.  Boy, people loved it when I typed how I did nothing all day in college, or went for a 2 mile walk with the dog.  Riveting stuff. But you would be surprised.  When I raced for GT Bicycles, I was averaging over 25,000 unique hits a month.  I don’t think thats too bad for a guy talking about riding and racing his bike.

But now that I am older (and under theory wiser), its time to refine things.  Kelly and I will both be posting to the page.   But we won’t be posting just boring day to day things.. It will be about the adventures we take..  With cell phones and their really nice cameras, it will be easier to share things.  Back in the day, it involved a point and shoot camera, cables, compact flash cards, photo editors…what a mess. Hell, sometimes it involved film and scanners.  Now, I shoot the picture, hit 2 buttons and there it is.  Who doesn’t love instant gratification.

So, there might not be a post every day, or every week or even every other week.  But, when something interesting happens, we will write about it, and let’s hope its pretty often.  And 15 years down the line, when Kelly and I are sitting around bored, we can look this up and say, “see, we were pretty cool at one point”..

Hey soccer moms…where we hanging out at?

Well, I finally bit the bullet and traded in the Jeep.  Really, it was a great car.  One of my “dream cars” as I was a young lad.  And 2 days after I graduated college, with a job paying $7.25 an hour, I bought it.  It really was just about everything I wanted.  An orange Jeep Wrangler, with a soft top and half doors.  There were times I would just take the top and doors off, crank up the stereo, and just drive.  Man it was great.  Then, I “grew up” and my needs for modes of transportation changed.  Sure, I could still get places, but it was tricky with a fiance, dog and a WHOLE lot of gear, it just wasn’t going to happen.

With that in mind, the search began for something that would change all that.  I needed something that could fit a handful of people, all of their gear, and have enough power to tow the camper for all of our weekend camping trips.  After seeing that others were doing with mini vans, I knew that was the way to go.  I debated a pickup, with a cap, but after a bunch of thinking, it wasn’t what I needed/wanted.  After a few months of searching, I found what I was looking for..  a 2005 Toyota Sienna.  It has just about everything I needed…low mileage (so it fit in my price range), room for 8 people total, plus cargo room for gear, and a bit bigger engine so I could load it up and tow the camper..  Sure, nothing is perfect, it is white, has a tan interior, and the stock radio is just so-so.  But, if those are the worst things about it, I would say I am doing pretty good…all I need to add is a hitch and wiring, and I am set to go..

Here are a couple quick pics of it, as it has been raining pretty much the last week or so, but once it is nice out, and I have some time, I will grab some more..


That’s going to get dirty quickly.


Campy is totally on board


Couple little paint blems on the front, but nothing major.


No idea what I am looking at here..but I do know it is bigger and better than the Jeep’s.


My, well, no longer mine, but Berlin City’s poor little Jeep.

It was sad to see the Jeep go.  I had it for more than 11 years now and had a lot of great times in there.  But it was time to pass it along to the next young punk, so he can dismantle it and make themselves a bitchin’ mudder.

Resurrected from the dead

It seems that I am going to try and resurrect this blog…not in posts where I ramble on about nothing, but as my own Twitpic service.  I like how things are handled on Twitter and on Twitpic, but I want to archive those photos myself.  So, from here on out, as long as it is working, I am going to be using this site as my own Twitpic service…

I guess if I am going to be posting stuff on here daily, I should probably clean the sidebars up a bit…and spruce things up.  Might be a welcomed change.

Shoulder D-Day

Well, I got all the riding in outside that I could, but now it looks like it is all trainerville until, well, I’m not sure, but for a while. Tomorrow is the big day. Pre-Op stuff at noon, then under the knife at 1. The surgery should only last between an hour to 2 hours…..that is if everything goes to plan. Then, its recovery street for the rest of the weekend.

I’m not too sure how much I am going to like only being allowed to use one hand. When I had my hand in a cast before, it was fine, I could still use it to do things. But now, I won’t be able to move my left arm much at all. I have already changed around my desk so everything is all one handed / right handed operation, so I guess I’m about as ready as I can get.

Let’s hope tomorrow goes smoothly, and I am able to get back on the bike ASAP outside…. Because riding the trainer for the next several weeks is going to kill me.

As I just reread the post it made me laugh. I’m not concerned at all about the pain, or the fact they will be shaving bone bits in my arm or that ligaments will be anchored back to each other, but my major concern is riding the bike outside. I’m not sure if my priorities are way off or right on track…

Shoulder Update

Well, things haven’t gotten much better around here lately.

I went to the Doctor on Friday for annual physical, and while i Was there, told him to poke around on the arm to see what he thinks. After a little of the “ok, do this, lift that, push on this” type stuff, and a little movement tests, he feels like it is a rotator cuff that has gone bad.

My options: rest it for a week then either do some solid physical therapy or head right to the orthopedic surgeon and see what he has to say. He feels that if I get myself all hopped up on some cortisone shots, I could make the rest of the racing with it the way it is..

So, that was on Friday. I did a nice, easy mtb ride on Friday night and all went well. No major pains, I was able to ride and things went well. Then I took the rest of the weekend off. I tried to go for a road ride on Saturday night, but 1.5 miles in, I slashed a tired pretty badly, used a zip lock baggy to patch the hole in the tire and limped home. I figured with all that nonsense, no need to head back out. Obviously, I wasn’t “supposed” to be out riding.

Then this morning. With things feeling good and a 12 hour race coming up quick, I felt it was time to start pushing the pedals, so I commuted to work. After about 15 minutes, the shoulder really would hurt when resting my weight on my arms, so pretty much all the time on a road bike. I would take my arm off and ride 1 armed for a couple minutes, then ride 2 armed until the pain was there again.

So that is where I am at….a bunch of pain every time I ride and now, sitting at my desk, worse pain than I has before. Plus, I just sneezed and I almost cried. So with that in mind, I will be calling the ortho surgeon and see what he has to say. And for my legs…..I hate to say this out loud, but it looks like it will be trainerville (shudders) to keep the legs going….ugh.

Philly’s Sports fan’s are spot on.

This is a Philly Flyers blogger talking about Twitter:

“It’s weird. Athletes on Twitter just say what they do and we gobble it up (@CamJanssen55 being the exception). If you’re no one like us you have to be witty, funny, clever, or at least provide some
news. If I was listing off my activities for the day no one would follow us – sitting at my desk, sitting at my desk, just got a forward from a friend, sitting at my desk, thinking about pooping but need to charge my iPhone so I can play solitaire, sitting at my desk, Tweeting (which = pooping), back at my desk, thinking about leaving but it’s only 11AM, watching YouTube, ???.”

Heh. That really about sums it up.

Still out of commission

Well, this shoulder has been more of a pain than I ever anticipated it to be. I thought after a couple days, I would wake up and all would be good….Not the case. Actually, the morning is when it hurts the worst.

Usually, I am a side sleeper, or somehow twisted around, but with a bum wing, it has forced me to sleep either 100% flat on my back or 100% flat on my stomach. Not a fan of either. So, even though I am falling asleep on my back or stomach, I must be rolling around like a mad man while in deep slumber, cause it hurts like hell when I wake up. Through out the day, it mellows down, but flairs up from time to time depending on what I am doing.

I was going to head over to the hospital yesterday to get it checked out, but I have a doctor’s appointment for Friday, so I decided to just suck it up and deal with it till then. My thought “no need to spend 2 co-pays at the doctor if I can just get away with one”. I don’t need to stuff the Dr.’s pocket with any more money….

That’s where I am at. Not able to do much, including ride. But, it has been pretty crappy weather, mostly raining, so I am really not missing out on that much. I thought about digging out my trainer, but uttering those words just doesn’t sound right. I figure after this weekend, I should, keeping my fingers crossed, be good to go, depending on what the dr says….If he says no go, then its trainerville…. YAY!!!! because I have 1 more 12 hour race to go and then…..BAM, cross season…..

Nutrition Store Front

So, what to we have here? A new page on the side?? You betcha..

As part of Precision Endurance, the coaching company I am in the middle of forming, I have also become a nutritional supply company for said athletes. Along with those athletes, I am opening up the sales to everyone and anyone. So, feel free to take a gander at what I have going on and purchase some stuff up..

Just so everyone knows, that is the rough, and I say EXTREMELY rough store front that I have going right now. It is all the products that I am stocking and able to stock. I am currently working on making an actual, usable store front, but that will take some time. What this is, Google makes for you super quick, and allows it to just be placed in spots. So, feel free to use it at is it 100% functional and I am working around the clock to get things updated a more professional store front…

As for shipping, 75 bucks and under is 5.95, over 75 is free…not a bad deal there at all. Feel free to use the coupon code “blogatron” for a 10% discount on your first purchase…

For groups and teams out there, feel free to contact me, as there are group/team discounts available.

I’m outta here

Tomorrow is as big day. I’m headed out to Seattle for the Full Speed Ahead’s distributors meeting. It should be a good time as I get to see all of their new product. You know what that means? A big wish list for next year. Plus, I have never been to Seattle, so I’m pretty excited about that.

I’m going to try and take as many photos as I possibly can, so pay close attention to my twitter account as that its where I’m going to post them.