I guess this is where I get to give the brief history about myself. Ok, well here goes.

I was born and raised in Lehighton Pa where I graduated high school from right before I moved to Altoona to attend Penn State University. From Altoona, I moved to the main campus of PSU in State College where I got my degree in Recreation and Parks Management with a concentration in Park Management and Environmental Interpretation.

From there, I worked as a state park assistant manager at Silver Lake State Park in beautiful Vermont. From there, back to Lehighton to work at Nestor’s Sporting goods where my love for bicycles began. After a gaining some experience in retail, I moved to Bar Harbor, Maine where I worked as ridge runner in Acadia National Park. I figured I might as well put that degree of mine to good use, plus there, in my opinion, is no better job than hiking around a breath taking park like Acadia and getting paid for it. With that job, I had some extra time so I got myself a part time job at Bar Harbor Bike Shop where I was a kayak driver and part time bike builder.

When my stint was done there, back to Lehighton for a bit of time drilling water wells. Not my idea of the perfect job so I made some calls. I knew I wanted to do something with bikes. Back to Bar Harbor for the next 4 years as a the general manager and head mechanic of the store.

With a little help from a friend met back at Nestor’s, I got my hands on the current job that I have now. Living in New Hampshire, I am working for a company called Active Sports Group which is responsible for all the major marketing for Michelin Bicycle Tires. My job specifically is to deal with all the athlete sponsorships, grassroots racing program, and to deal with the dealers on a daily basis. Generally, I sit in an office working on a computer, but in the summer time, I get to travel the US dealing with professional mountain bikers, who take my recommendations on tire patterns and pressures. Who would have ever thunk I would be doing something as cool as that?

I recently left Michelin in search of something bigger and better. To be honest, as cool as it was to travel all over the country attending races, I wanted to be at home a little more. With my competitive nature, it was tough for me to sit at races and watch others compete while I sat there. With that being said, I left Michelin and took a job at Downeast Bicycle Specialists as one of their product buyers and customer service agents. I feel that this is a huge step for me in terms of something of a “career” in the bicycle industry. Either way, I am now enjoying life A LOT more and going to be riding and racing my bike a lot more.

That’s my life in a nut shell. Like I said, I currently live with my Fiance, Kelly and our dog, Campy, in New Hampshire. Most of my time is taken up with me pedaling a bike. I am one of those guys who gets a kick out of being on a bike for hundreds of miles at a shot. Over the past few years, I have raced a handful of races ranging from 24 hour races to 55k to cyclocross races all with a great bit of success. This year, I got myself a coach and am putting 100% towards racing. I got me a little schedule of about 10 endurance races and can’t wait to get into it. This will take a TON of dedication from me and even more dedication and patience from Kelly, but I feel that this upcoming season is going to be great.