Extended Adventure

While I am not writing about everything, I feel that this is a pretty worth while topic to talk about…

Everyone that knows me, knows that wherever I go, our pup Campy is not far behind. She is with me at work, in the car, and anywhere in between.. Now, she will have to share my attention with someone else.

Welcome to the party, Napali.
IMG_0471.JPG She really is a great looking dog

She is a Catahoula Leopard Dog, was brought up with her 2 sisters from Teaxs, and now she is finding her spot in our house. So far, everything has been going great. Then again, its only been about 4 hours. But, I think she will be a great addition to the family as she has TONS of energy to burn.

What does Campy think about this situation?? Well, she has mixed opinions..

One thought on “Extended Adventure

  1. Looking forward to meeting Napali, and hoping Campy learns to deal with sharing your attention! Congrats!

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